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Lyme disease

Kushi Institute Student


After about fifteen years of chasing symptoms, going from doctor to doctor with no diagnosis other than that I was very sensitive and had many allergies I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease. The symptoms were neuralgic pain, joint pain, short term memory loss, skin rashes, hormonal imbalance (irregular bleeding and unexplained prolactin production), profound fatigue, and food and chemical sensitivities. I went to a specialist and decided to manage my symptoms through diet and herbal remedies. I was eating close to a macrobiotic diet, without even knowing it. I then traveled abroad and found a macrobiotic co-op where I was able to eat and not worry about shopping, cooking, etc. I noticed such a huge improvement in my health that I decided to go and spend four weeks taking the Level 1 Macrobiotic Leadership Program at the Kushi Institute. The course taught me so much; mostly why eating this way works to change your blood, balance hormones, reduce inflammation and consequently heal your body. I also learned many new recipes to keep the food interesting and tasty, and energy balancing techniques to practice daily. In addition, I had a consultation while studying at the Kushi Institute, which helped guide me regarding the remedies I needed to add to help me heal even more.

Overall, I have found that when I maintain a macrobiotic diet/lifestyle my symptoms seem to dissipate greatly, and sometimes disappear. When I do not eat this way, the symptoms flare up and wreak havoc on my life. While I was studying at the Kushi Institute my symptoms flared up initially, due to discharge, but once I was on the diet for a few weeks my body/mind became more balanced and the symptoms began to disappear. I have never had a passion for cooking, so I have been using the recipes that I was taught during the course and have been feeling so much better, emotionally and physically. I would encourage anyone, whether they are healthy or not, to try the macrobiotic approach. It will make you feel and look fantastic. I am certain that a macrobiotic diet and lifestyle is healing my condition and getting to the root of the imbalances in my system. I feel better than I have in a very long time.

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