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Multiple Sclerosis

Jenny Sockey


Jenny Sockey, a resident of Washington State, suffered from MS symptoms for decades. Jenny first experienced MS symptoms when she was 19, but because she was told by her doctor that it was all in her head, she did not return to a doctor for diagnosis until she was in her early thirties. At that time, she was diagnosed with remissive MS. After spending many years bouncing in and out of debilitating symptoms, Jenny noticed a change in 2006. Her symptoms were lasting longer and getting worse, and she realized she had entered into the progressive phase of MS. Her doctor confirmed her suspicions a couple of years later and she was told to be prepared to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Her doctor also suggested she sign up to be part of an experimental stem cell transplant.


Wanting to be in the best health possible for the surgery, and having learned about macrobiotics through her mother-in-law, Jenny contacted her sister-in-law Paula Laurin, and asked Paula to help her implement a macrobiotic plan. Paula had gone through the Kushi Institutes Macrobiotic Leadership Certificate Program back in 2000, and had worked for many years at Kushi Institute as the Program Manager.

Paula helped Jenny to contact Judy MacKenney (a Kushi Institute teacher and counselor) for a consultation. Judy laid out a dietary plan for Jenny to follow in April of 2011. Paula, who lives near Kushi Institute in Massachusetts, traveled to Washington to help Jenny cook and show her how to accurately follow Judy’s instructions.


The results were incredible within the first week Jenny was able to lift 20 lbs with her leg where she was not able to lift anything the week before. After about 3 weeks, she went to see the experimental stem cell doctor who was amazed at her improvement and ability to walk quickly, and without her crutches! Jenny had improved so much so that the doctor told Jenny she was no longer qualified for the experimental program. The doctor was shocked at the degree of improvement for someone with progressive MS, and said if she had not seen it with her own eyes; she would not have believed it! She had never seen this in her practice before.

Jenny is back to doing most of the activities she loves, and feeling great. Her overjoyed husband said that he had seen Jenny have bouts of improvement now and then, but she always lapsed back. He had never seen any of her improvements last this long.

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